R & R Caribbean Jerk

My friends asked how was I able to manage reservations at R&R Caribbean Jerk?  My answer, I didn’t know any better.

When you don’t get back home as often as you like and ALL your friends are posting checking in to this location, you MUST check it out for yourself.

There from about 7-9:30pm, let me tell you that business NEVER slowed down.  NEVER! At times, the line went out the door then other times wrapped around to where we were eating.  Even as we were leaving, they were getting constant phone-in orders and I’m sure had to shut that DOWN!

From jerk nachos, chicken, oxtail, plantains and on, I couldn’t recommend this location high enough.  I’d suggest phoning in your order (before 9pm) and make sure when you arrive to let someone know immediately that you phoned in.  Portion sizes were probably enough for 2 at most times.  It’s a great way for everyone to get something different and try a little of each, which is what I did.  I can testify to at least 5 dishes.  The only item I regret not trying is the pizza, but that is for another trip and another group of friends.

I commend the staff for handling my group of 9-10.  They were kind, patient, kept checking on us and let us sample that OooH Wee Beyonce and Obama Tea as well as the taffy grapes which could be dangerous they were that sweet treat needed at the end of the meal.  When one of my friends were asked if they’d like the Beyonce or Obama tea, he stated, “I’ll take Beyonce”.  Let me just say that the Beyonce is not as sweet as Obama.

Don’t forget to tell them that Faith Blackwell sent you!  Instagram @fbphotogllc

Oh, parking.  Can be a little hectic.  We arrived at 7pm and were able park with no problems one block before the building.  My guests had to park further when they arrived at or after 8pm.


R&R Caribbean Jerk

3927 Main Street

East Chicago, Indiana 46312




Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery

Thankful for friends who introduce me to new foodie locations.  They know I am game for anything and good food is good food.

After a shoot, Jody and I ventured to the Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery in Danville, Indiana.  Where I found out all things are made from scratch.  We walked in to what looked like a home that has been renovated into a restaurant so it has that feel.  Entry is filled with homemade breads.  I cannot even tell you all the varieties because if I would have bought one load, I would have bought 5 because I like to try EVERYTHING!

What we had:  Potato soup | Roast beef sandwiches | Roasted veggie soup | Warm apple crisp pie with whip and caramel drizzle |Peanut butter pie with whip, caramel and chocolate drizzle

What we took home: Caramel filled cookies | Hedgehog cookies | Mini peanut butter and carrot cakes

This was worth the visit and I will go with anybody that wants to visit!

Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery.  46 S. Tennessee Street.  Danville, Indiana.



Farm to Fork at Omni Severin

As someone who loves food, but also as someone who like a good deal on any meal, I cannot stress how pleasantly surprised I was when attending the Omni’s Farm to Fork event.  There is nothing else to compare this experience to (in my opinion).  From the meal to the wonderful company, you cannot beat this experience.  5 courses for $49.

The photos from the night will do the talking but I will give you a little information on the sponsors and menu for this event which benefits Second Helpings.

Participating: Cardinal Spirits, Huber’s Winery, Traders Point Creamery, Amelia’s Bread, and Best Chocolate in Town.

Contact Omni Severin at 317.634.6664 for the next Farm to Fork on August 31st.

Special shout out to Chef Dominique!

And thanks to Susan Decker for the invite!


Tasty bites inspired by items collected at the farmer’s market. 

DARK CHOCOLATE ROSEMARY TRUFFLE: Herb Cheese Spread, Soda Crackers

BOONE COUNTY BLOOMY BRULEE: Drunken Blueberry Compote, Amelia’s Bread

CUCUMBER CUPS: Cottage Cheese, Fresh Greens, Radish


CANTALOUPE CARPACCIO: Salt Cured Pork Tenderloin, Peanut Butter Crunch Bits, Caerphilly, Yogurt-Dill Vin


CHARRED CAULIFLOWER AND SHISHITO PEPPERS: Toasted Rye Berries, Farmstyle Feta, Shaved Smoked Almond and Paprika Bar Picada


CREAMLINE MILK BRAISED PORK: English Nut Toffee Roasted Carrots & Dragon Tongue Beans, Fried Chickpea, Grilled Peach, Chutne


SIMPLY CHOCOLATE & CHEESE: Salted Turtle Bark & Fleur de la Terre with accompaniments


TRUFFLE PIE:  Black Pepper Cabernet Mousse, Oreo Crust, Songbird Craft Coffee

Dirty Russian Shooter


Headshots. Why are they important?  Well, a photo is usually the first impression a person has of you. Whatever social media, business site or dating platform you’re on, they all require a ‘headshot’.

My theory on when you should get your headshot taken. Everybody has one. If you no longer look like your picture, you need to update. You don’t want anyone jumping back when they first meet you, thinking to themselves, ‘he/she looks nothing like their photo’.
Headshot header for blog august 2016
More and more, I’m seeing parents/mentors gift college seniors with headshots. I applaud and support their understanding in knowing how important this is. I have so many people waiting to lose weight and whatever excuse they can come up with. My advice DON’T WAIT!

Faith Blackwell: Photography | Food | Lifestyle


First I want to say welcome to all who enters the magical world of FBP!  This will be a place I share my latest photography shoots and specials.  I’ve had several people ask when I’m starting a foodie blog because I like to eat, so you will get a taste of that (no pun intended).  At times I will just state things that are going on in my head.  Don’t be scared!

And so it begins…



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